Steve Quentin   A.K.A  Q

Concept Art, Visual Development, Storyboards, Character Design, Traditional Animation, 3D Animation.


Born in Readlyn, Iowa, Steve knew he wanted to be an artist from his earliest days.  Saturday morning cartoons became a ritual in the Quentin household, and Steve’s love of animation led him to The Ringling School of Art and Design in 1995.  There he embarked on a rigorous program of drawing and painting, often spending all day and evening in figure drawing and painting studios.  After graduating in 1999, Steve fulfilled his childhood wish and was hired by Walt Disney Feature Animation in Orlando.  While working in the Animation department, he worked on the cleanup crew for Kenai Bear (Brother Bear, Lilo (Lilo and Stitch),( The Little Match Girl, Pocahontas (2000 rerelease) and The Lion King (rerelease).  When the Orlando studio  closed, Steve moved to Dallas, TX, where he is currently employed in the commercial animation field.  He has served as principal 2D and 3D animator, art director, concept artist, vis dev artist, storyboarder  on hundreds of national commercials, video game trailers and movies.  In addition to these projects, Steve has received many industry accolades for his freelance work, especially on the recently released “Cold War Clambake”.  He has been a featured panel speaker on animation and character development, holds an honorary membership in The Dallas Screenwriter’s Association, is currently a board member of A Bunch Of Short Guys (an animators guild) and currently moderates a figure drawing studio for fellow professional artists.  He also is an accomplished Flash animator, as well as being proficient in Adobe Photoshop, SoftImage XSI, Maya,  Aftereffects and Painter.


Steve can usually be found in his studio, working on his latest digital creation.  Whether creating backgrounds, character design, animation or concept work,  he brings a high level of professionalism and creativity to each of his pieces.